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Remove this message when finished. Ahsoka Tanonicknamed " Snips " by her Master and known as " Ashla " after the Clone Warswas a Jedi Padawan who, after the conflict, helped establish a network of various rebel cells against the Galactic Empire. Whereas Tano was eager to prove herself, Skywalker had a reputation for recklessness, and they had a rather difficult start as Master and apprentice.

Yet, they worked together to rescue Rottathe son of crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiureand returned Rotta to his fatherthus facilitating a crucial alliance between the Hutt Clan and the Galactic Republic.

As a commander in the Grand Army of the RepublicTano found a mentor in Clone Captain Rex of the st Legionwith whom adult ahsoka and Skywalker collaborated to lead frontline campaigns against adult ahsoka Confederacy of Independent Systems, adult ahsoka. In her first command position at the Battle of Rylothadult ahsoka, Tano disobeyed orders and lost her entire squadron of pilotsbut she managed to rebound and helped secure a victory at Adult ahsoka. Over timeshe matured into a respected leader, contributing to key Republic victories like the Second Battle of Geonosis and the Battle of Mon Cala.

She even died during a series of events on Mortisbut the Force wielder known as the Daughter sacrificed herself to bring Tano back to life. Tano gained much experience on and beyond the war front, leading a group of Jedi younglings to revolt against their Trandoshan captors, helping rescue a colony of Togruta from enslavement by the Zygerrian Slave Empireand serving as an advisor to the Onderon rebels —with her close friend, Lux Bonteriamong them—as they liberated their world from the Confederacy, adult ahsoka.

In a stark turn of events, Tano was framed for the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar and other homicides, and she escaped into the Coruscant underworld to clear her name, adult ahsoka.

Though she formed an unlikely alliance with Asajj Ventress, adult ahsoka, she was detained by Republic forces and was consequently barred from the Jedi Order. Ultimately, Skywalker uncovered the true culprit, adult ahsoka, Tano's friend, and fellow Padawan Barriss Offeeadult ahsoka, and prevented his adult ahsoka apprentice from being convicted of sedition. Nevertheless, the ordeal dislodged Tano's faith in the Jedi.

She refused the Jedi Council's offer to rejoin the Order, instead departing in search of a new path. She became the manager of his intelligence network and adopted the codename " Fulcrum. Tano took a particular interest in Syndulla's rebels because one of their members, a former Jedi named Kanan Jarrushad begun to train his own Padawan, Ezra Bridger.

Following the mission to MalachorTano became lost to the rubble and shadows of the Sith temple and was believed by many including Jarrus and Bridger to have perished during a duel with Darth Vader.

However, Tano was unexpectedly saved from Vader's wrath by a future Ezra Bridger, who pulled her through a time portal into the world between worldsa dimension of the Force connecting all time and space. After a confrontation with Darth Sidiouswho desired access to the dimension, Tano returned to her time, promising Bridger that she would find him once she adult ahsoka. After the end adult ahsoka the Galactic Civil WarTano returned to a freed Lothal and joined Sabine Wren in her quest to find a missing Bridger, who had disappeared during the liberation of Lothal.

However, this scheme was thwarted, and Tano began her life as a Jedi. Yoda did this to alleviate Skywalker's fear and inability to lose loved ones, as he believed that by becoming a teacher, adult ahsoka, Skywalker would develop emotionally and understand that his excessive bonding to those he cared about was unnecessary once Tano was ready to go off on her own.

However, her future choice to leave the Order further pushed Skywalker towards the dark side. The Jedi Council finally sent Tano on her first mission to Christophsis in order to aid the Republic forces and finally meet her new master, as well as pass on a message that masters Kenobi and Skywalker were needed back at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

She arrived on the planet moments after the first wave of Separatist forces pulled adult ahsoka. After giving her message to Master Kenobi and Skywalker, Obi-Wan introduced himself, presuming that she was his new Padawan learner, adult ahsoka. She corrected him, insisting that Master Yoda specifically assigned her to Skywalker. Meanwhile, the droid army set up a deflector shield that would block the artillery bombardment that earlier halted their advancements. Anakin and Ahsoka eventually set out a plan to infiltrate the enemy lines while Kenobi and his troops held off the enemy forces to buy them time, adult ahsoka.

The two Jedi hid inside a box while the droid tanks moved around them. As they made their way to the source of the shield, adult ahsoka, Ahsoka tripped on a sensor antenna, accidentally activating a batch adult ahsoka retail droids. While Skywalker was occupied with the droids, Tano began to place charges around the adult ahsoka. As she was planting charges, a battle droid snuck up behind her, but Ahsoka noticed it and sliced it in half.

The battle droid's body rolled over more sensors and activated additional retail droids, adult ahsoka. With her master pinned down by the horde, adult ahsoka, Ahsoka noticed a piece of wall behind him adult ahsoka a convenient hole right where Skywalker was adult ahsoka. She used the Force to push the wall down, crushing the droids around her master.

To stall for time, Kenobi suggested the two sit down for a drink and discuss Kenobi's surrender. However, the general quickly got tired of this and saw through Kenobi's plan. Just as Loathsom ordered Kenobi's forces to surrender, the shield blew up and Kenobi was able to take the Separatist General hostage.

The Battle of Christophsis had proved a major victory for the Republic. When the battle was over, Skywalker noted how reckless his new Padawan was. As Tano and Skywalker found themselves settled, Yoda wondered if having a Padawan would calm Skywalker's wild ways. After the Battle of ChristophsisSkywalker adult ahsoka his new apprentice were dispatched to find and rescue Jabba the Hutt's missing son Rottawho was captured by Separatist forces and brought to the planet Teth, adult ahsoka.

Once on Teth, it became clear that it was impossible to land at the B'omarr Monasterywhich forced the Republic forces to land below the monastery and climb the mountain with AT-TE walkers where the building was located. The climb proved to be a challenge, but the Jedi and clones eventually reached the top of the mountain.

Skywalker and Tano went to look for him and had to go through a few droids but eventually found the cell where the Hutt was located. Rotta turned out to be just a baby. Meanwhile, 4-A7, who was the adult ahsoka acolyte Asajj Ventress ' servant, recorded the Jedi's speech, adult ahsoka.

Ventress transmitted the recording to her adult ahsoka, Count Dookuwho gave the "evidence" to Jabba that the Jedi were behind the kidnapping. Dooku assured Jabba that he would sent his army to "rescue" Rotta. With the incoming droid army on their way and the little Huttlet sick, the Jedi had to look for another way out to bring the adult ahsoka Hutt back to Tatooine, adult ahsoka.

On their way out, Ventress had arrived and adult ahsoka located the two and engaged them in battle. After a brief duel, they managed go escape on a Can-cell to a nearby hangar, adult ahsoka, where a ship was landed, followed by their astromech droidR2-D2. Once on the other platform, they encountered 4-A7 once again, adult ahsoka.

However, it became obvious the droid was a spy when three battle droids came out of the ship. The Jedi destroyed the droids and hijacked the ship. While on the escape, Master Kenobi and Republic reinforcements had arrived with Kenobi engaging in a duel with Ventress.

Now on the ship, Skywalker and Tano attempted to land on a Republic Star Destroyer, but the cruiser's hangar was destroyed, forcing the Jedi to make their way to Tatooine on their own, adult ahsoka.

As the two jumped to hyperspace, Ventress and Kenobi sensed their withdrawal, adult ahsoka. Kenobi, knowing that Ventress had failed her mission and that her Master wouldn't be pleased by that, adult ahsoka, managed to gain the upper hand over Ventress until she boarded a Vulture droid adult ahsoka escape capture.

Meanwhile, Tano and Skywalker found medicine for the Huttlet, which saved his life as they made their way back to Jabba's palace on Tatooine. However, as they approached Tatooine, they came under attack by two MagnaGuards in Rogue -class starfighters. Despite destroying the fighters, their ship was forced to crash-land in the Dune Sea, adult ahsoka. However, she and Skywalker sensed Dooku's presence. However, they came under attack by several MagnaGuards.

Tano fought the MagnaGuards, destroying them all and meeting up with adult ahsoka master at Jabba's palace. However, adult ahsoka, Jabba ordered their execution until he was contacted by his uncle, Ziro. Senator Padmé Amidala then revealed to Jabba that his uncle was working with Dooku and was the one who arranged Rotta's kidnapping. Jabba then spared their lives, and Tano and her master were picked up by Master Kenobi and Yoda.

Tano, along with her master, were sent to protect the staging area in the Bith system. She and Skywalker were contacted by Master Plo Koon, who adult ahsoka tracked the Confederacy's secret weapon to the Abregado system.

When Koon's transmission was lost, Tano urged her master that they send support to him, but they needed the Chancellor's and Council's permission. During the meeting, adult ahsoka, Skywalker and the Council believed that there were no survivors and ordered him to protect their convoys. Tano then adult ahsoka up and urged them to search for survivors, but she was rebuffed by the Council and the Supreme Chancellor for her outburst.

Skywalker had Admiral Yularen deploy their fleet while Skywalker and Tano took the Adult ahsoka to "scout ahead. Despite Tano's outburst, her master agreed with her that they must search for survivors. At first they were unsuccessful and were ordered by both Kenobi and Palpatine to give up their search. Tano then sensed Master Plo and piloted the Twilight to his escape pod's location. They learned from Koon that the weapon was an ion cannon mounted on an enormous ship that could disable ships.

Tano then detected the ship approaching them. At first, the ship passed, adult ahsoka, but it then detected the Twilight ' s medical adult ahsoka TB They were able to escape before the mega-ion cannon 's blast wave reached them. Following their return to the Resoluteadult ahsoka, Skywalker and Tano were given Shadow Squadron to carry adult ahsoka their next mission: to destroy both General Grievous and the Malevolence.

Tano and Koon were a bit skeptical of the plan, knowing that Grievous would be well protected by his ship's defenses. Tano and Skywalker were then informed Grievous had attacked a medical convoy in the Ryndellia system. Skywalker deduced that Grievous's next target was the Republic's secret Outer Rim medical center near the Kaliida Nebula. Tano served as Skywalker's gunner aboard his Y-wing bomber. Tano, along with her master, Koon and Shadow Squadron, took a shortcut through the nebula, adult ahsoka.

Tano detected several Neebray mantas. Despite damage to one of the bombers and an astromech, Tano, Skywalker, Koon, and Shadow Squadron reached the medical station.

The Malevolence then arrived, and Tano shot down several of the vulture droids despite her master's fancy flying, adult ahsoka. When Shadow Squadron started to lose adult ahsoka ships, Tano convinced her master to target the ion cannon instead of the bridge.

They succeeded in disabling both the Malevolence ' s ion cannons and its hyperdrive. Tano, Skywalker and Koon then rejoined Kenobi aboard the Resolute as he continued in attacking the Malevolence.


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